Timelog is a productivity, time, and goal tracker for your habits. Track your habits, set goals, and gain insights on how you spend your time.

Timelog helps you stick with your habits and become more productive by tracking habits, or any activities, such as:

  • Reading or writing
  • Exercise and meditation
  • Studying and exam preparation
  • Work and projects
  • Learning new languages
  • Playing music
  • and everything else!

Timelog has several features to help you track and analyze how you spend your time:

  • Timers such as a stopwatch, countdown timer, and Pomodoro timer
  • Useful charts to visualize how you spend your time, as well as statistics
  • View all time tracked in a timeline or calendar view
  • Ability to set daily, weekly, or monthly goals for each activity so you can stay motivated
  • Streaks feature so you can see your current and longest streaks for activities with daily goals
  • Trends and goal completion prediction charts for weekly and monthly goals based on current pace
  • Activity reminders to repeat daily or on specific days
  • Available in both light and dark mode

Why Timelog? Timelog is different from other "traditional" habit trackers. It allows you to track the time you spend on each habit to help you increase your productivity, reach your goals, and stick with your habits for good.

Timelog helps you develop better systems by allowing you to set daily, weekly, or monthly goals to ensure you spend time doing things that matter to you, so you can achieve your long-term goals.

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